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I was shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Susan’s passing. Susan was such a strong, determined, and lovely person that I had no doubt that she would get through the surgery. Susan was a Fisher Park classmate and very close friend of my late wife Jennifer. I take solace in knowing that Susan and Jennifer are together reminiscing about old times. Jan, even though we have not met, Susan talked fondly of you and our German heritage and our common computer programming profession. All my best to you and of course Zoe and Zorro.

So sorry to hear this news. I worked with and for Susan for several years at TD, first while she was consulting with MD and later when she hired me to join her team in Enterprise Risk. I loved working with Susan and learning from her how to prioritize and improve communication skills. I love the reference to the “occasional well timed F-bomb”, which I can recall fondly. I can also remember regularly receiving emails in the wee hours of the morning to which I was reminded multiple times that “I wasn’t expected to read them at that time”. Susan had a way of keeping things light, while ensuring stuff got done. Rest in peace Susan – you were one of the good ones!

Susan was a wonderful sister-in-law. I will miss our lively family discussions, celebrating our successes, and laughing (and venting) over our work challenges. Susan will be remembered by everyone who met her. Much love and support goes out to her beloved Jan, Zoe, and Zorro and all her family and friends.

Susan, you were a fun and strong woman whom my work experience with you always dealt with things in a fair, kind, and firm manner. I truly enjoyed our conversations and would love when the professional woman in you would laugh and as indicated in your obituary, drop the occasional f-bomb. In reading that it sincerely made me reflect back and smile. You will be missed! My heart and prayers go out to Jan and your family.


Susan…Thank you for all your support, advice, wisdom, humour, humility, and teaching. I always enjoyed our conversations and your perception of situations. I was so grateful that you accepted the offer to come on the BGG team and really valued your contributions. We all enjoyed having you in the meetings. The world was a better place for your presence.

Jan, my heartfelt condolences and we are thinking of you at what must be a truly hard time. I hope the memorials are a wonderful celebration of Susan’s life.

Jan and family,
On behalf of the Georgian Triangle Pickleball Club, I’d like to extend our deepest condolences. Susan was a valued member of the club and we all enjoyed playing with her. Our Pickleball family mourns the loss of a member and friend.

It was almost 30 years ago that I got to walk to MBA class in the mornings with this extraordinary woman who lived across the street from me. Those daily conversations set the stage for me each day and I was blessed to meet and befriend such a wonderful person. Sue had so many qualities that I admired – curious, intelligent, funny, genuine warmth – and an effortlessness with language and expression. She was one of the best, most natural writers I have ever met.

What I recall most about her though, was her disarming directness. She was always clear and thoughtful and she could always sniff out pretense and nonsense. She was a remarkable person – a warm, intelligent and caring soul that made the world a better place.

I am thinking of Jan, of Peter (her brother that I knew as a teen together in Air Cadets of all things) and all of those who love and miss her. My deepest condolences to all.

Devastating to hear the news. So many happy and goofy memories going back to first year MBA (and our slow dances at the parties!) to waving at each other through our condo windows at Yonge and Eglington. Very sad. Her brilliance and sense of fun will be missed.

I met Susan a couple of years ago at Esplande. We played golf together and she was such a nice lady. Then Covid-19 came and I didn’t see her very much. She was a very funny lady always signed up late and we always fit her in. We will miss her

As a sister in law I always enjoyed visiting Sue and Jan either in Florida, TO or Vancouver. Susan (and Jan) was a very thoughtful Auntie to Carmen. They were her away from home parents and always had a watchful eye on her when she studied in TO. I’m going to miss all those missed opportunities that I would have had with Sue in the future. She was a fun, open minded and caring sister in law. She always took the utmost care of the things she loved.

I didn’t know Susan well, but in her partnership with Jan I have gotten to know the person that she was through the transformation I have seen in him. As someone who cares deeply for him, I’m so grateful for the time you had together. I remember you as a skilled and gracious conversationalist, empathetic and warm, and with a truly tremendous smile.

Susan, my heart breaks for you and now for Jan. 56 years is not nearly long enough on this earth for all your heart had yet to give to Jan and all those you loved. We will all miss you so much. I was just getting to know you and looked forward to your return. You shared that the surgery was a big one but I was shocked and beyond saddened by Jan’s news. You had great taste and I copied you and got a matching pickelball bag from Canada, So now every time I grab my pickelball bag …which as a fellow pickelball addict you know is often.. I think of you. Now instead of just remembering you, I’ll say a prayer for Jan and those you loved the most, that God will encourage them and lift them up and sustain them so they can take each day one day at a time as they journey along.

Jan, may God be with you and bring you his peace and his hope as you take each day one at a time. I’m sorry I won’t be as Esplanade for the celebration of her life and while I didn’t know her long, I knew she was so special and a beautiful, kind human.

I was better for knowing her.

I only have known Susan for 2 years and she was one of the nicest people I have ever met! Always friendly, smiling and happy, someone who will be missed by her MANY friends.
Our hearts and prayers go out to Jan and his ans Susan’s family!

I met Sue many years ago at Western and my first impression was that I wanted to ‘grow up’ to be just like her… confident, worldly and impossibly tall. Our paths crossed again a few years after graduation when she joined TD. After I fangirled a little over Sue’s effortless communication skills and flawless work attire, we settled into a comfortable friendship, bonding over good chocolate and late nights in the office. The reference to the well-timed F-bomb encapsulates Sue’s personality perfectly; on the surface she was always self-assured and professional, but in reality she never took herself too seriously. There is a story that is legendary amongst her bank colleagues, when an executive phoned her and Sue responded “Mark, who?” Because of this, it should be forever written in every employee handbook to first check call display before asking the Chief Risk Officer to identify himself.

My fondest memories of Sue are of her love of food (she would always ask a waiter when ordering if the portion size was big enough), her love of fashion, and most importantly, her love of her family. I witnessed firsthand, Sue’s devotion to her parents when her mother was ill, and her dedication to her ‘maybe’ boyfriend, turned fiancé and FINALLY! husband, Jan. Sue always lived life on her own terms. She actively sought out happiness and by doing so succeeded in finding the love of her life.

To Sue – you were extraordinary and will be remembered for your warmth, exuberance and wicked sense of humour. I will miss you for a very long time.

And to Jan – you brought joy into Sue’s life and I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you, your friends and family and your precious fur babies.

I am very sorry to hear of Sue’s passing. She was one of the most genuinely decent human beings I’ve known, and I was glad to have got to know her during my time in the MBA program. We kept in touch through LinkedIn and were planning to get together once Covid had eased. I am heartbroken to think that now that will never happen. Rest in Peace Sue, you were a good soul.

We connected as friends over a span of 20+ years. I always looked forward to and enjoyed our time together. I remember us laughing a lot. I remember talking about business, careers, real estate and life in general. She was just a lovely person, a fun person and a smart person. I was so happy for her when she met Jan. Of course, she was even happier. I hope there is an afterlife and that Sue is enjoying peace in it.

I haven’t lived in the same city as Sue for over 15 years, but she was always as close as e-mail.

One of our last e-mail exchanges was a call-back to seeing the first Austin Powers movie – which was so much not to her taste that I can’t think of Austin Powers without thinking of her. She certainly stayed in good humour about it all. All those years later when I bumped across a photo of the young Richard Branson I had to forward it to her, commenting upon how much he resembled Austin Powers. She replied “Oh ya baybee…does he ever!”
(For the curious, here’s a link to the photo: )

My condolences to Jan and her nearest-and-dearest.

Where to begin?

So many emotions, no right words to pinpoint, exactly, how one feels upon hearing such sad news.

I would like to express my sympathies to Susan and Jan’s families and close ones.

Not knowing Susan for very long, in the grand scheme of things, saw enough to know that she has left a legacy of love behind. One that, I’m sure, will put a smile on the faces of those who will remember her grace and compassion. Tomorrow, ten years from now, and beyond.

May you keep watch over your loved ones, furry, or otherwise.

Jan. Everyone that wrote a tribute about Susan was so true. She sure
was a terrific & smart individual. I will definitely will miss her wit. We knew when to be funny & when to be serious.
Although we both knew how to push each other’s buttons in a fun way.
May she rest in peace.
Always keep those happy memories in your heart Jan.

My dear cousin, I am so sorry for you! I will never forget August 2008 when Susan and you came to Germany for our wedding. The tragic death of Susan is another reminder how precious this gift of life is and our families and how easy it can be taken away.

Susan was one of the most genuine people I have ever known. I remember fondly our “expense account” McDonalds lunches, often joined by John Stewart, which were silly and happy breaks from otherwise serious duties. She always had time for a friend and was the source of much good advice. I will miss her very much.

I am shocked and saddened by the passing of Sue Brooke. We shared, like many in this chain, an amazing two year experience at the Ivey Business School. Later our professional lives intertwined as she and other peers joined one consulting firm, and myself and other classmates joined another. Further down the path we interacted while she was at TD.

What I loved most about Sue was her effortless engagement, disarming humour, her ability to listen, understand, empathise and get to the heart of the matter. She was gifted, intelligent, and fun loving!

Sue was an amazing person who enriched the lives of all she touched.

It was only a few weeks ago that I was thinking of her and the times we shared at Ivey…. (Hmmm)

Dear Jan,
I will always remember autumn 2016. I have had such a great time with you both in Toronto. I will always remember! I pray and chant for Susan as a buddhist, she will always be in my heart. And it reminds me, that life isn’t endless, so I am focussing more on my dreams. Let us stay in contact.

Cousin Dagmar

To Susan’s family –
I’m a little late to the game – I was doing some research about a project I work on with Susan at TD Bank, and saw the posting that she passed away.
My sincere condolences on your loss. She was a sincere, beautiful person, who seemed to enjoy life at every stage. She was taken too soon.
She lives forever in our hearts.
Arlene Star – former TD colleague

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